Middle Street Gallery Moves Back to Middle Street!

Rappahannock Artisan Trail member Middle Street Gallery is excited to announce their upcoming relocation back to Middle Street, in Washington, VA. The gallery’s new address will be 325A Middle Street, Washinton, VA, adjacent to The Inn at Little Washington!

Middle Street Gallery will be located in the back of this beautiful, historic building, next store to the Inn at Little Washinton

Gallery members are hard at work preparing for their grand reopening on December 8. The space has been painted and hanging systems installed, with a new lighting system installed soon. The space is lovely and bright, with a view out to the gardens behind the building. Middle Street Gallery is delighted to be back on ground level, accessible to all.

Part of Middle Street Gallery’s new space on Middle Street.
Rosabel Goodman-Everard will be the featured artist for Middle Street Gallery’s first show in their new location, with her series “Doodling in the Dark”. They will also have a group show of work by all member artists.
work by Rosabel Goodman-Everard
The opening reception will be Saturday, December 9, 2017, from 3 – 6 pm, which also debuts the reopening of Middle Street Gallery in Washington, VA, at its original address on Middle Street. Washington’s Mayor, John Fox Sullivan, will perform the ribbon cutting ceremony.
work by Rosabel Goodman-Everard
Goodman-Everard describes her work for this show as, “Doodling in the Dark is a series that I started in the Fall of 2016, as the sight of the good citizens of the Not-Anymore-So-United States of America clawing at each other’s throats required an antidote: a new, for me at least, approach to art that had to be colorful and beautiful, relaxing to create, and with an intense flow that would distract me.
“So I embarked on a series of small panels that I spray-painted in various intense colors, starting each piece by laying down abstract truncated tree shapes (which you will find, in one form or another, in all my work), which later developed into various other and less abstract depictions of trees.

“Then, using acrylic paint pens in many vivid colors, I continued by covering the panels with marks and patterns: little circles, dots, squares and rectangles, bark patterns, thorns, nets, drops of water or blood, foot prints. I blended drawing with painting.
“Figuration also introduced itself: ants, tadpoles, leaves, flowers, fruits, clouds, chains, helicopters, the moon, ropes and nails, prisoners behind barbed wire, clouds. Nothing was forbidden – I used black, gold and silver, as well as hot pink, I glued canvases and panels together and covered the seams with garnet gel. While working, I listened to Mozart, and Beethoven’s Overtures, and Shakira and my beloved Afropop, drank wine and “WhatsApped” endlessly with all my friends all over the world.
“Every panel was an adventure, nothing was ever planned, all results were unexpected and nothing ever came out a failure. It has turned out to be the most fun I have ever had making art.”
Work by Middle Street Gallery members.
For more information, please see Middle Street Gallery’s website, and for news and announcements, follow Middle Street on Facebook.